Discover the power of weekly batch cooking and optimize your success on Dr. Fuhrman's nutritarian plan:

The Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan is your essential guide to maximize your results on the 6 week Eat to Live program.

It has everything you need to make weekly nutritarian food prep as simple as possible: menus, shopping lists, checklists, recipes, guides and access to an exclusive Facebook support group.


Are you ready to start Dr. Fuhrman's 6-week Eat to Live program but you're completely overwhelmed?


Are you a veteran nutritarian who is tired of cooking "all the time" and feeling like you're just eating the same things?




  • over 117 pages to help you develop your weekly food prep habit and achieve health excellence
  • free access to an exclusive Facebook support group with bonus materials
  • an easy guide on how to set up your kitchen for weekly food prep sessions
  • 4 weeks of menus, shopping lists and checklists
  • nutritarian overview, tips for success and printable resources
  • exclusive recipes covering 4 classic cuisines: American Classics, Asian Fusion, Italian Kitchen and Mexican Fiesta
  • the 10 prep system strategy
  • salad prep primer: how to wash and store common varieties
  • signature “Plug & Prep” solution lets you easily create your own future menus
  • learn how to cultivate your recipe bank for future success


You might have noticed: there's a pretty big gap between Dr. Fuhrman's protocol and taking daily action in your everyday life.

I've created an entire blog, Hello Nutritarian, to help newbie and seasoned nutritarians alike to find simple, do-able, and tasty ways to eat to live.  And filling that gap for you is exactly why I created this program!

Let me go out on a limb here and say your life is crazy-busy.  You've been bombarded with lots of new information.  Dr. Fuhrman's guidelines make you feel excited but also overwhelmed.  You know change like this is hard.

So, let me save you a ton of trial and error here: You have to become a weekly food prepper.

When I started the 6 week Eat to Live plan on January 28th, 2013, I focused on making the commitment to myself to do it 100%.  But, I had absolutely no strategy other than to head to the store and buy a ton of lettuce and veggies.

By not having a plan, I made those first 6 weeks way harder than they ever needed to be.  Well, guess what?  That's not happening to you!

I've condensed over 5 years of experience becoming nutritarian into a powerful and practical plan that is going to make your transition as easy, delicious and effective as possible.

The bottom line is: I've found that weekly prepping keeps me on track so much more than when I had to cook every day!  After cooking for my family, my nutritarian food would become the "afterthought" and that's when I'd fall victim to my disordered eating habits.  But now that I always have my preps ready to go all I have to do is reach in the fridge!

I'm so pumped to be your guide as you become a weekly nutritarian food prepper!  Are you ready to heal your body and feel better than you have in years?  Are you ready to maximize your time in the kitchen?

Let's do this!


Here's just a sample of what you'll get when you download the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan:

And don't forget 50 printer-friendly pages of checklists, shopping lists, weekly menus and recipes too:



It's all about maximizing your time in the kitchen with simple make-ahead preps that combine to create easy-to-assemble recipes!


Once you purchase the Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan you'll gain access to our private Facebook support group!

This is where you can ask any and all of your questions related to the plan and get answers from the cadre of veteran preppers in our group.

You'll also get feedback and guidance from the plan's author and founder of Hello Nutritarian, Kristen A. Hong.





Not quite ready to purchase?  No problem, head on over to Hello Nutritarian--I have tons of free recipes, daily meal plans and resources for you to enjoy right now!



Frequently Asked Questions:

What format is the ebook?

The ebook is a digital .pdf format.  It has a total of 117 pages.  The file size is 9.7 MB.  It is recommended that you download and store a copy to your desktop or laptop computer before downloading to a mobile device.

How will I receive the ebook?

The ebook will be automatically sent to the email address you supply during checkout (so be sure to double-check that you enter your email address correctly).  If you don't find an email after submitting your payment you will want to check your spam folders as the email can be automatically filtered out by your email service provider.  If you still cannot find the email please contact me at my personal email address: and I'll make sure we get things squared away.

How many downloads do I get?

Please note that there is a 3 download limit to this product--this includes partial downloads or attempts.  This is a built-in security feature.  It is recommended you save this file to a laptop or desktop computer first before viewing or downloading onto your mobile devices.  You have 1 week from date of purchase to complete your downloads.

What if I misplace my file, lose my computer or require additional downloads?

My digital delivery service tracks your purchase and download history.  If the need arises simply email me at and request a download link reactivation.  Please note that these reactivation requests can take time to process and that is why it is so important to make your first download your most secure download (laptop, desktop or external drive) before downloading to multiple mobile devices.

Are refunds offered?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds available.  To get an idea of the type of writing and content I provide make sure to sign up for my Hello Nutritarian email list and get a free copy of The 7 Day Salad Cleanse ebook.  This will give you a really good indication as to the quality of my work!

How many people have purchased the plan and how many are in the Facebook Support Group?

As of June 2018, we have helped over 2,400 people develop their weekly nutritarian prepping habit!  About half of the people who buy the book join our support group, so we have over 1,200 members in our group--and growing daily!

How long does it take to be admitted into the Nutritarian Food Prep Support Group on Facebook?

It depends on the volume of requests for that week.  Typically on low-volume weeks it will take 12 to 24 hours.  On higher-volume weeks it can take up to several days.  Each request needs to be verified with purchase records and your name on Facebook.  If there is a difference in your Facebook name and order name you can help speed up the process by emailing me at with your Facebook name and your order number.

Why don't you offer a printed version of the book?

To keep the cost of The Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan as low as possible it is only available in digital .pdf format.  Readers have easily been able to print the book at their local print shop.  You can chose to print the entire book and have it spiral-bound if you wish.  If you are looking for the most cost-friendly printing option I recommend printing only the Resources & Recipes portion of the book (that section includes all the checklists, schedules, shopping lists, etc...) which is 50 pages.  The typical cost to print this section in black and white ink ranges between 5 and 7 dollars.

Are there any discounts or coupon codes offered?

There are no discounts available for The Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan.  At a cost of less than $10 per week we know this is an incredible value for the price!  It is the only resource of its kind on weekly nutritarian batch cooking with oil-free, low-sodium, plant-based recipes that conform to Dr. Fuhrman's strictest guidelines for weight loss and nutritional excellence.  The current $39 price is the lowest this plan will ever be and will be going up to $59 when the 2nd edition launches in August.  For more information on the 2nd edition please read below.

Will I get the 2nd edition of the book for free if I buy now?

Yes!  When you buy in June (through July 19th at midnight PST) you will receive the 2nd edition as a free upgrade when it launches in August!  You will also get the opportunity to participate in exclusive pre-launch giveaways in our members-only Facebook Support Group!

How will the 2nd edition be different?

The 2nd edition will add 2 more prep weeks for a total of 6 weeks of recipes, menus, shopping lists and prep checklists!  There will be new start up guides, resources and topics covered.  There will be an additional 100+ pages added to the book!  You can find more information and sneak peeks of the 2nd edition when you join the Facebook Support Group!